Art Lessons

Paper Mosaic Art Activity with Ms. Quan

Ms. Quan shows you how to make your own colorful and unique mosaic using paper and glue.

Ms. Quan teaches kindergarten at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Henri Matisse Slideshow, Story and Art Activity with Abbott Elementary School Teachers

Mrs. Spears gives a short lesson about the French artist, Henri Matisse. Then, Mrs. Barrientos guides you in a reading of Henri's Scissors by Jeanette Winter. Lastly, Ms. Salvador leads you to create your own Matisse-inspired drawing of a cat and goldfish.

Mrs. Spears teaches 3rd grade. Mrs. Barrientos teaches kindergarten. Ms. Salvador teaches 6th grade.

Fascinating City Art Activity with Ms. Canovas and Mr. Schwanz

Ms. Canovas and Mr. Schwanz teach you how to create fascinating city landscapes with construction paper and watercolors.

Ms. Canovas teaches 5th grade at Lincoln Elementary. Mr. Schwanz is the Digital Learning Coach at Mark Twain Elementary and Washington Elementary.

Exploring Emotions Through Shapes Art Activity with Ms. Younessi

Ms. Younessi will lead you to create an expressive Self Portrait - Expressing Emotions Through Shapes. Using: construction paper, glue stick, pencil, and scissors (optional).

Ms. Younessi teaches art at Lynwood High School.

Cartoon Monster Jam Art Activity with Mr. Vega

Mr. Vega guides you in a reading of Book Making Comics by Lynda Barry. Then he will show you how to create your own cartoon monsters with pencil and paper.

Mr. Vega teaches art at Lynwood High School.

P.S. ARTS Dot Art Activity with Mr. Partida

Mr. Partida shows you how to create dot artwork using markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

Mr. Partida is a visual arts teaching artists with P.S. ARTS and provides art instruction to Lynwood USD students.